Speech Technology Center (STC), or SpeechPro as it is known in the US, is a Russian voice recognition technology company. Founded in 1990, STC grew out of KGB programs in partnership with the scientific development center of the Soviet Ministry for Communications. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, STC's work moved to the commercial sector, where in 2008 it helped Mexican authorities identify individuals using biometric information, including photographs and voice samples.

How it work

Surveillance audio device and microphone

capture extreme high quality audio in different situation both for law enforcement agencies and professional from commercial market

Audio analytics and forensic

compare 1:1 or 1:n audio sample to see if they are representing a same person. Gives a probability score and detail forensic report to prove the audio are produced by same person. It can also detect any post processing of the audio file.

Audio restoration and noise reduction

Apply different filters to reduce the noise from an audio file therefore gives a better sound quality for understanding the actual speech your target is saying

Voice changing device

A non-reversible voice changing device. change your voice to different type of tone that you can choose by turning the switch

Сounter audio recording

A device which produce ultrasound to block anyone using a audio recording device to capture your dialog for privacy protection